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Drug Discovery Company.

TFChem, a subsidiary of Sirona Biochem Corp., is a drug-discovery company which uses the fluorine atom properties to develop new glycomimetic compounds: the GlycoMim® technology.

TFChem is a leader in the area of fluorinated glycosides and their application as new, more potent and safer drugs.

Our company aims at becoming a major and essential developer of carbohydrate-based drugs.

TFChem brings a unique solution to the severe drawbacks (stability and bioavailability) usually associated with carbohydrate-based drugs and thus allow the full exploitation of their therapeutic potential and the development of new drugs.

TFChem’s proprietary chemistry technology can be applied to the development of several major pharmaceutical domains such as cancer, diabetes, pain and inflammation and cardio-vascular diseases. In addition, our carbohydrate chemistry expertise can be used to develop cosmetic and biological ingredients.

TFChem is developing an internal R&D activity mainly in the area of cancer and is building partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for other applications.

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